Changes to the website and other announcements.

Updates to Species and State Pages
Updates, Species pages for the Southern Durango Spotted Garter Snake and the Narrow-headed Garter Snake have received substantial updates. So have the state pages for Arizona and New Mexico, which add native garter snakes’ legal status. And I’ve created a page… »
The New Gartersnake.info
Updates, Every so often it becomes necessary to redesign this website from the ground up. The last time I did it was back in 2006. This redesign is only about a year overdue, as so many of my things are, but… »
A Note on Questions Answered Elsewhere
Updates, Occasionally I get a question through this site that is technically about garter snakes, but the answer covers a lot more ground than just garter snakes. Or they think it’s about garter snakes, but it isn’t. In such cases, I’ve… »
Nine New Species Pages
Updates, I’m working on a complete revamp of the Species Guide, which has been in a permanently unfinished state since this site went live nearly six years ago. I’m making an effort now to get that fixed, with completely new species… »
Gartersnake.info’s Seasonal Audience
Updates, An interesting quirk of this web site’s audience is that it has a growth spurt each spring and summer. Here are the monthly page views from July 2004 to June 2007 — each sudden spurt correlates to the start of… »
Subscribe by E-mail
Updates, You can now receive new articles and updates from Gartersnake.info by e-mail. To subscribe, enter your e-mail address in the appropriate form on the sidebar at right and press return. Once subscribed, you’ll get no more than a daily e-mail… »
Species Section Updates
Updates, Rossman’s Garter Snake (Thamnophis rossmani), about which I posted a short article yesterday, has also been added to the species guide; the page is here. I’ve also made some changes to the design of the species pages. Still to come… »
Redesign Complete (More or Less)
Updates, All pages have now been transferred to the new template; now it’s just a matter of fixing all the little errors that crop up when things change over like this, of which there are still a few. And there might… »
Another Redesign
Updates, I know it wasn’t all that long ago that I finished the last redesign, but I’m in the midst of redesigning the site again. It’s mostly finished in some ways, in that most pages are now on the new template,… »
More Knick Knacks in the Store
Updates, I got on a bit of a roll yesterday and added a few more things to the store yesterday, including postcards, stickers, all kinds of buttons and magnets and a hilarious dog t-shirt. The photo that serves as this site’s… »
Updates: New Design Finished; Advertising; Store Now Open
Updates, A few updates already in place to let you know about, in case you missed them because I didn’t mention them here: A month or two back I finally finished changing over the site to the new design I started… »
Natricine Species Page Updated
Updates, Subspecies data and other information has been added to the Natricine Species page, which covers North American natricine snakes other than garter snakes. I must confess to liking them as well; there’s a distinct risk that I’ll start talking about… »