Nine New Species Pages

I’m working on a complete revamp of the Species Guide, which has been in a permanently unfinished state since this site went live nearly six years ago. I’m making an effort now to get that fixed, with completely new species pages that include full descriptions, range maps, and (where available) photographs.

I’d given some thought to working on all of them behind the scenes and launching them all at once, but now I think that would delay things too much. Better to share with you what I have, as soon as it’s ready.

Short-headed Garter So I can announce that new species pages are now live for nine species (out of 34): the Bogert’s, Short-headed, Golden-headed, Conant’s, Mexican Wandering, Exiled, Godman’s, Liner’s, and Rossman’s Garter Snakes. More are at least partially finished and should be ready soon. I’ll announce them when they go live.

There will be some broken links here and there, and the new state/province search page is pretty rudimentary at the moment, so we’re a long way from finished. But I think you’ll agree that what has been done so far is already an improvement.

(Photo of a Short-headed Garter Snake by Jennifer Schlick, who was kind enough to let me use it on its species page.)