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Keeping Garter Snakes Outdoors
Questions, Recently I’ve received a couple of questions from readers who want to know about keeping garter snakes outdoors. Now I understand that this is actually done in Europe: garter snake keepers there set up these elaborate backyard facilities to house… »
‘That Reptile Smell’ and Beginner Garters
Questions, Jack writes: Hi! I’m 13 years old and am looking into getting a garter snake. I have a suitable enclosure and equipment and can provide food, read your care guide along with some others, and there is now just one… »
Keeping Garter Snakes Safe from Cats
Questions, A question by e-mail from earlier today: “My 15-year-old daughter wants a garter snake, but we have two cats who’d love to eat a tasty, wriggly snake given the chance! How would I keep her snake safe? (She’ll be taking… »
Q&A: Feeding a Ribbon Snake in the Backyard
Questions, Earlier this month, Daryl Frese wrote to me with an interesting story about a snake that kept coming for a visit. We live near San Antonio, Texas. We have water gardens and fish ponds and have had garter snakes for… »
Q&A: Feeding Recently Wild-Caught Garter Snakes
Questions, Liz writes with a question about feeding two recently caught garter snakes: I recently found two small garter snakes while hiking in a nearby forest. My fiancé and I decided to catch them and take them home. I read through… »
Q&A: When a Dog Meets a Garter Snake
Questions, Christine’s dog had an encounter with what she thinks was a garter snake, and wonders whether either animal came away unscathed: Two days ago I was wandering around in a bush lot and came across what I believe is an… »
Q&A: Heating and Lighting
Questions, Jennifer writes with a question about heating and lighting: I just recently brought home my garter snake from my father’s house and I’m just not sure about the lighting situation. I read the Heating and Lighting section of your care… »
Q&A: Finding Garter Snakes in the House
Questions, A couple of questions from people who have discovered baby garter snakes in their homes in the dead of winter, have read my article about garter snakes in winter, and have still more questions. Debbie wrote on a cold day… »