Updates: New Design Finished; Advertising; Store Now Open

A few updates already in place to let you know about, in case you missed them because I didn’t mention them here:

A month or two back I finally finished changing over the site to the new design I started implementing back in May; the last pages to be updated were the contact page and the front page.

If you’re a breeder, wholesaler or other supplier, or have products or services that would be of interest to people interested in garter snakes, you can now buy text ads on this site. The current price is $10 for two weeks — quite reasonable for small breeders and other businesses.

After much delay, I’ve finally opened the Gartersnake.info store on Cafepress.com. So far I’ve only got a couple of items up for sale — custom stamps and stickers to place beside ordinary stamps — but more are definitely coming. If your interest in garter snakes means you’d like to buy garter snake related tchotchkes, this is the place for you. Watch this space for updates on new stuff available in the store.