Mesoamerican Highlands Garter Snake

Thamnophis fulvus (Bocourt, 1893)

Alternate Name Highlands Garter Snake
Spanish Name Culebra de Agua Nómada de Tierras
Max. Recorded Length 65.2 cm / 25.7 inches
Range Chiapas, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras
Pet Trade Availability ★☆☆☆ rarely available

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Not much is known about this small species, which is mainly found in the forested highlands of Chiapas and Central America.

Captive Care

This species has sometimes been kept in captivity. Scott Felzer worked with this species for a while, and reports that adults “feed aggressively on rodents.” He successfully bred this species in 2007, with litters of seven and ten babies.

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For general information on keeping garter snakes in captivity, please see the Care Guide.

Articles and News

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