Manitoba Garter Snakes in Autumn

As part of a series in which every provincial park in Manitoba gets visited, the Winnipeg Free Press’s Neil Babaluk pays a visit to Inwood, Manitoba and the Narcisse snake dens. Travelling north from Inwood, Babaluk discovered something gruesome: “Very quickly, we could tell that a mass snake migration was underway. The highway between Inwood and Narcisse was littered with the flattened bodies of snakes who were not lucky enough to make it across. Carcasses were literally everywhere.” As for the dens themselves: “Only two of the dens appeared to be active, with snakes slithering down the rocky edges into the pits. Most congregated together on the rocks to absorb the heat of the sun. We could see some of the snakes moving deeper into the dens, preparing for their winter of semi-hibernation.” See my article, The Narcisse Snake Dens in the Off-Season.